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Disclaimer :

In consideration of your exhaustive browsing, we’ve decided to avoid the overused words like ‘moments’, ‘smiles’, ‘capture’… even ‘love’ for that matter. No, we aren’t using their synonyms either. 😛

You did not just stumble upon us. You’re here because you are about to get married. And ours is one of the many tabs open on your window, surely. More than spoilt for choice, you are confused. We know. Let’s tell you what keeps us clicking.

When the couples express their thrill about the photos, our takeaway is their description of how certain photos moved them. Like Rashmi, who pointed out that an image stands apart from the rest – that of her father in tears as she exchanged vows, because nobody had ever seen him so. She asked us how we did it…

Well, to answer that, we don’t have a recipe, a formula or any ground rules. We like to believe that it’s all an understanding of love.

Oopsie! We used the word ‘love’. We lost the bet. No worries, we’ll give you a discount for that! 😉


We are Jithu & Anju, a husband and wife Candid Wedding Photography Team who love capturing endearing expressions, magical moments and those evocative split seconds…

We love photography as much as we love each other… (Ah, Maybe a tad lesser) and believe in filling every minute of our lives with 60 seconds of fun… With us around, complete unseriousness is a guarantee!”

Be at ease as we weave a tale out of your special day and deliver you an enchanting photo story!!


....we will let our images do the talking




Love Letters

  • Jithesh made sure that he talked to us, asked the right questions, understand our personality and approach the photoshoot in a very friendly manner. It was a breeze to work with Jithesh and Anju. Very friendly to everyone, got the emotions out and the pictures were fantastic. Both the composition and post processing were outstanding. While the wedding was on, they moved through people without hindering or blocking anyone. I’d recommend Jithesh and Anju to anyone who wants candid wedding/portrait/couple photoshoot.
    Merlin Anto & Sheeba
  • The wedding photos were truly exceptional. Jithesh seemed to have been everywhere, getting pictures of everyone and still did not miss our many expressions. It was truly fun reliving the wedding through the pictures. All my family and friends are raving about the pictures and say kudos to the photographer for clicking such candid fun shots. So kudos to you! We’re very glad we had this crew at our wedding, thank you!
    Vivek & Shruthi
  • Jithesh and Anju… You guys did an outstanding job and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.The photos are absolutely amazing. Each and every image is filled with emotion and love, which really shows your incredible talent. You guys were so easy to work with and you definitely surpassed our expectations! Also we would like to thank you for all the extras you have done to give us exactly what we wanted. It was really great having decided to choose the both of you.. We wish you both all success and do reach greater heights in life..Cheerss .. :):)
    Geo & Varsha


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