We are Jithu & Anju

A husband and wife Team of Candid Wedding Photographers from Coimbatore who love capturing endearing expressions, magical moments and those evocative split seconds…

We love photography as much as we love each other… (Ah, Maybe a tad lesser) and believe in filling every minute of our lives with 60 seconds of fun… With us around, complete unseriousness is a guarantee!”

Be at ease as we weave a tale out of your special day and deliver you an enchanting photo story!!

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Anju says

“Jithu is wonderfully creative and has an eye for detail. When he is with the camera, he is in a world of his own… like an artist with a brush. He has an instinct for capturing moments and already knows when his perfect frame has arrived…   You will feel comfortable with him, the moment you meet him. I think it is this ease, this freedom to be yourself, that got me hitched to him too!!” 😀

Jithu says

“Anju, my biggest strength, my partner in crime… She picks up work where I leave it. She takes care of everything behind the scene – right from the post-processing to the finished deliverables. Her obsession for  perfection makes her absolute for running the business.   She is a bundle of talents and is an amazing singer too. Her enthusiasm really keeps me going.  She believes that  after the sun, she is the next biggest energy source in the solar system!! ” 😉

Our style of working

You will never have to pose for a photograph, for we know you are amazing just the way you are. We love relaxed and funky clicks as much as you do. We also make sure that we are unobtrusive – so be assured that we won’t be the elephant in the room!

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What to expect from us

We are perpetually innovating, so expect some stunning angles, vibrant images and artsy compositions! Expect a breath of fresh air.

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Sit back and relax. We’ll portray your wedding story in the most beautiful way possible, so that you can relive the day, day after day!

Interested? Lets talk over a cup of coffee!