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Choosing the Best Wedding Photographer for your Wedding

Are you engaged…?? Awesome..Now the next and most important task you have is to find the right wedding photographer that resonates with you. Be it Coimbatore, Chennai, Bangalore Cochin or any part of Tamil Nadu, Kerala or Karnataka, there are photographers everywhere. But finding the best wedding photographer. Yeah, it’s  LOT of work!

It should be one of the first things you do, because the best professional photographers book their schedules 6 to 8 months in advance. If you want gorgeous pictures (and who doesn’t?!?), start your hunt for the Best Wedding photographer right after you book your venue.

So How do you choose.??



Every Professional Wedding Photographer has his own signature style and you should be able to resonate with that style. You should be totally comfortable with his style and approach. Some are Candid, some are photo journalistic, conventional, portrait etc… and the list goes own. For example, my style is Candid Photojournalist. That means I don’t care much about the lighting , your pose, your dress, the location. I just want to tell a beautiful story. I get to pick elements from your wedding that I can stitch together and create a story out of it. My editing style to a great extend also helps me do that. And I would like my clients to see that in my portfolio. I want them to be their storyteller. Not their Picture Taker. Find out what your preference is and search for that. Don’t just go with the current trend, go with your heart.

Ask for referrals

The Best wedding photographers have a good reputation with their former clients. Ask around in your friends and family circle and see their pictures. Look at their wedding album. Your will get more honest reviews and comments from them than any Bridal magazine or advertisements. Taking one  step further, check for recommendations from other vendors in the wedding industry like Wedding Planners, Wedding Catering hall, wedding decorators, florists etc. They might have seen hundreds of photographers and they might help you get a good deal if they know them very well. If the vendor is willing to stake his reputation on the line for the Wedding Photographer, odds are that this photographer is good.


Yes… I saved this for the last. Wedding is the time when a bride and groom are hit with a numerous choices where price is concerned. And Wedding photography is a major on them. Some work by the hour, Some package everything and some a-la-carte.

Budget is as important as any part of the equation when choosing a photographer. So here are a few important things to note: You DO get what you pay for! Some photographers cut corners to give you a “cheaper” price. Like No Albums, Less hours of coverage, outsource to a much cheaper wedding photographer or even worse they don’t deliver what they promise. You DON’T have to book the big, giant package! You should be able to include what you want…and at the time you want it. Get your pricing ahead of time. Ask lots of questions and make sure you get the answers you want. Remember, YOU are the one paying here!


Your wedding day will never happen again, and the longer the two of you last, the more you will appreciate what the quality wedding photographer did for you on your wedding day! I know I have given you a lot to chew on. Your decisions are important for your big day. Your wedding photography, being a lasting decision, is one you will live with for many, many years. Your own wedding album can be tucked away in a drawer somewhere because of a poor decision of low quality work, or it can be a beautiful remembrance of the start of your lives together as husband and wife.

Hopefully these tips above will be useful to you as you plan your big day. Don’t get too stressed out about all of this. It’s your wedding, the day you have been dreaming about for a very long time. Relax and enjoy it.

Coimbatore Candid Wedding Photography by Coimbatore Candid Wedding Photographer, Jithesh Kumar

This is Coimbatore wedding photography at its best. JKCreatives Photography is a creative artistic photography brand based in the Coimbatore area. Offering wedding coverage in Coimbatore, Erode,Chennai(Tamil Nadu) |  Bangalore, Mangalore (Karnataka) | Cochin(Kochi, Ernakulum), TRISSUR, Palakkad(Kerala) and destinations all over India, this wedding photography studio is one of the top studios in Coimbatore.

We take pride in offering our clients the type of Coimbatore Candid wedding photography they are looking for. Its one thing to take pictures, its another to create art for our clients.

Serving Coimbatore, the Erode,Chennai(Tamil Nadu) |  Bangalore, Mangalore (Karnataka) | Cochin(Kochi, Ernakulam), Trissur, Palakkad(Kerala) and Beyond

We are located conveniently in the Coimbatore area @ No:2/3A, Fifth Street, CMS School Backside, Ganapathy, Coimbatore. Please call or email us for more information.

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