Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve always found it much more helpful to meet in person or via Skype to get to know each other and tackle all questions and answers. We would love to chat over a coffee if you’re in the Coimbatore area. 

Every Wedding is Unique and Different

Though these FAQ might answer some of the big questions – we always approach things with flexibility and reason. Our business is continually evolving, and we’re always excited to talk about the latest things we’re doing directly with you.

What’s your wedding photography style?

We shoot wedding in what is commonly referred to as “Candid” style. But our works are mostly a mix of photojournalism and fine art. We like to get the small in between moments, the behind the scenes and the emotions that occur spontaneously. 

Do you shoot only Candid style of Photography and Videography?

Yes ! Yes ! and Yes !  We are specialized in our candid style and we love to stay in the creative side of things. We always take up Independent Candid Wedding Photography and Videography assignments. This gives us the creative freedom without worrying about missing shots of the all guests that are hiding in the corner. 

We don’t take stage group shots since it requires zero creativity and you can get a local photography studio to do the job at a much cheaper rate. Or we can arrange a traditional stage photographer and videographer if you want to keep all the expenses under one roof.

The local wedding studio told me they will include the candid photography with their normal package. Then why should we hire you ?

It all comes down to your preference. Do you prefer Van Hueson showroom or Big Bazaar ? Big Bazaar also has clothing section. Hope you got my point.

Ask any of the wedding photography studios in the area if they do candid photography and they will say yes because it is the cool thing to say, but what they classify as Candid Wedding Photography may not be what you expect it to be.

Do you have a studio ?

No. Frankly because we don’t have any use of it. We shoot only at venues.

A big part of our clientele are not in Coimbatore, so most of the meetings are done through Skype, email and phone. And we don’t want include our studio expenses build into our packages just so that we could brag about a studio space.

Do you shoot destination weddings ?

Absolutely. We love to travel for our assignments. Be it anywhere in the world, just say the word destination wedding and we are on board.

Do you charge extra for out station assignments?

No. All the pricing revolves around the number of days, the type of function and the services you require. Nothing is location specific. But travel and stay arrangements have to be taken care or reimbursed(on actuals) by the client.

Do you personally shoot the wedding or do you send somebody else ?

We really believe in the personal relationship between the photographer and the couple. All the photographs you see in our website was shot by Jithesh only.  We will never send any random person to document your big day.

How long it takes get our photos and wedding films?

The first 15 photos will be delivered within a week or two and the rest will be delivered within 20 – 40 days depending upon our work load. But for wedding films, please allow us 45 – 70 days

What equipment do you use ?

You don’t need an expensive pen to write a good novel.  

A good photographer is not defined by the gear he have, but his sheer talent. That being said, we love new cool gadgets and we use the top of the line gear for our works. We have 2 Canon 5D Miii’s ,Lens lineup -> 24-70 2.8, 70 – 200 2.8, 16 – 35 2.8 and one 50 mm 1.8 .

What is the booking process ?

You can fill up the form in our contacts page or mail in your requirements with all the details of the wedding and we will get back to you within 24 hrs. 

Once you decide to take it forward, please let us know and we will send you our bank account details. 20% of the total amount is to be transferred to block the dates. The rest of the payment should be made on the day of the wedding or within 7 days of the event.