Pricing & Bookings

Is your fee negotiable?

We never compromise on the quality of work. Then why on price?  🙂

If I want only 100 pics, can you reduce your price?

100 pics! That’d mean we go home with light memory cards and heavy hearts. Okay, all drama aside, we don’t deal in numbers. Our prime motive is to capture the story of your day, and for that, whatsoever it takes! Also, satisfaction has always been intangible, right?

What’s your fee model?

An advance of 40% means you’re on our calendar!

How far in advance should I book you?

The earlier the better. As you delay, chances increase for clash of dates, then emotions fly high, there is drama, fight…. Why? Why? Why?

What is your payment schedule like?

The 40% advance should be followed by the better half (it always is 😉 ) on the day of the event. That’s when post production goes rolling.

If I cancel, will I receive the whole deposit back?

That depends on your timing.

If you cancel within a week of booking, we will deduct the expense incurred for booking our travel and accommodation, IF ANY. If we haven’t already jumped aboard, you’ll get back 100%.

Now, if the cancellation happens more than a week into the booking, you get back 50% of the amount. That’s the win-win here. Same applies if the cancellation happens 2 weeks prior to the wedding.

And, if you cancel within 2 weeks of the wedding date, there will be no refund of advance amount.


If you have to shoot outstation, who makes the travel arrangements?

Rest easy. All that will be taken care of, by ourselves.

How do you handle the expenses of travel and accommodation?

We’ll submit the invoices to you(dull wedding gift, we know!).  You’ll have to reimburse the expenses along with the payment of the fee.

Do you take staged, group shots with guests?

Staged group shots are not our forte. The group photos require a team of photographers who are skilled in that. Same applies to the equipment – the lenses we use are inapt for group photos, unless we move to the opposite end of the venue to click the stage. To top it all, we don’t want to be rooted to a point at the wedding, clicking group photos while all the candid moments go un-photographed.

Will extra hours be charged?

Not unreasonably! We all know how weddings transpire. 🙂 So we always pack an extra hour before starting to click. Beyond that, it’s only fair that we are paid extra.

Do you cover both Groom and Bride’s sides?

Guess what – we too asked this to our wedding photographer. Honestly, unless there are simultaneous functions taking place, there is no need of separate crew. But if you feel the need for it, we will definitely help you out with an offer that you can’t refuse. In other terms, something hassle-free and that’s feasible than hiring separate teams.

What all are your equipments?

Asking a photographer about the camera is like asking a writer about his/her pen. Nevertheless, we employ the best in business – Canon for stills and Sony for videos.



Will you provide us the unedited images/footages? What about the RAW files?

No, we do not. We spent hours eliminating duplicates, test shots, the ones with missed focus and even the ones that have evident mis-expressions. At the wedding, we are mostly in Rambo mode, meaning we fire away extra shots of every moment, to ensure the best frame is not missed. That doesn’t mean you have to sit through a string of similar images to find out the best – trust us, it’s no fun. 🙂 So we’ll do it diligently, so that the best smile and the hearty tear is chosen over untimely, unfortunate and unflattering ones.

About the RAW format – no, it will not be made available to you. The RAW files are our digital negative and accounts to our rights over the work.

Can you give BW images as colors?

Well, not really. 5-10% of our photos will be in BW/monochrome. And that’s only because they are best in that mode. That’s our call based on the photo, sometimes it is to eliminate distractions, at times to focus on an expression or even to clear out colour patches. So yeah, some photos are definitely going to be in BW; certainly not dull.
If you still want them in colours, despite the above reasons, it will be provided at an additional cost.

Can you give all images and videos in a week?

We are meticulous about the post production work, and since it is a creative work, we never commit to unrealistic timelines. Here’s how it usually is – within a couple of weeks post the assignment, you will receive a link to preview 15-30 handpicked, favorite images from your wedding day. Within 4-6 weeks (from the date of payment) , you will receive the link to a password-protected online gallery of all your wedding day images – hand-edited and in high resolution. Wedding films normally take 3-4 months. Yeas, it is a lengthy and creative process. But we’ve been told it’s worth the wait!

What should I do if I don’t want my images published anywhere?

Your images are our marketing tool. 🙂 That’s how you guys found us, right ? But the respect for one’s privacy is never taken lightly. So if you are particular about it, the copyrights will be handed over to you at a nominal fee of INR 10,000. Thereon, it’s all yours.

How many images does a wedding album have?

There is never a definite number. It’s all about maintaining a balance. We usually keep it around 150 photos. One, the album and its binding needs an equilibrium. Two, anything too less or more dilutes the overall goodness of seeing your wedding story.




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