Our images, our art is simply an extension of who we are.

We are that couple who goes on a trance when there is a scent of celebration in the air! Basically we love being part of anything that’s joyous. We rant, we laugh and yes – we love seizing moments.


…It all began with us

Once upon a time, we were two IT professionals madly in love with other. As our wedding bells rang, we remember having to be content with the available photographers. But there were a few candid shots that struck us. These were all nudges – the uneventful IT life, the lack of quality options in our part of the country and the wonder called ‘candid photography’. Topping these, there was always the passion for camera. It was only a matter of time – we had to don the role of wedding photographers…

Five years on, each story has been amazing as anticipated, and no matter where or when, we – the two of us and our little team – have been having a whale of a time!

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