Feb 26
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Arjun & Aparna – Tambrahm Iyer Wedding | Candid Photographers in Chennai

We thought this was a love marriage until they said it wasn’t; such a cute, sweet and beautiful couple! Aparna, the ‘Ashalathu’ Ponnu and Arjun , the ‘Chamathu’ Payyan, are so made for each other and we had a blast shooting their traditional Iyer wedding.

It all started over Filter Kaappi and a Carnatic Sangeetha Kacheri… well, actually Café Latte and a Vishal/Sekhar concert. Aparna and Arjun, having found each other over a matrimonial website, instantly hit it off and soon decided to spend the rest of their lives together.

Cut to a year later and there was the Maapillai Azhaippu. Arjun couldn’t contain his surprise when he saw a gorgeous Aparna all dressed up in a traditional Pattu Podavai. The festivities soon began with the Vrutham and Nischayathartham, the formal engagement ceremony and reception. It was smiles all around as the two families were bonding along with the couple.

Early morning the next day, we caught a glimpse of the gorgeous bride getting ready for the big day. Dressed in a Kili Pachai and Magenta saree and a set of Temple jewellery, she looked like a million dollars. Even the groom, who was getting ready to ‘go to Kasi’, had to change his mind and come back :p

With the maamis singing Maalai Maatrinaal, it was time for the quintessential game of ‘Whose side has the stronger maamas’ followed by Oonjal. The day was getting all the more sweeter with the Paalum Pazhavum ritual. It was time now for THE moment that everyone was waiting for – Mangalyadharanam. The heavens opened up as if to bless the couple while Arjun tied the Thaali around Aparna; it was a beautiful emotional moment for all.

We are glad to have been there to capture your best moments for you. Have a blessed life ahead Kozhandaigala :)


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