Jul 07

Harish & Janani // Tambram Wedding // Chennai Candid Photographers

Getti(Party)melam @ DakshinaChitra

The riot of colours, the gleam of bling, the swag of elders – two days jampacked with all this and more! And at the helm of it all, a couple made for each other. Janani and Harish were particular in having a traditional Hindu Iyer wedding and it shown through all the beautiful rituals. Dhakshinachitra was the perfect backdrop and with such a vibrant and pleasant group of people, shooting the wedding was so much fun for us. Right from the ‘Vrutham’, to the ‘Mehndi’ graced by besties, to the fun filled ‘Maalai Maatral’, to the beautiful and emotional ‘Mangalyadharanam’ moments and finally the ‘Sangeet’ aka ‘Party night’, this was one wedding we would have never missed. Thank you for making us feel like family and letting us capture some of your most cherished memories! Of course, how can we forget you guys Preetha & Dhruv; it was great catching up again and seeing that you’ve only grown crazier and not a day older :p

Here are some of our favorite candid moments.


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