A picture speaks a thousand words. A film speaks a million.

Harish & Janani // Wedding Film

“It was psychedelic”, I said to my friends once I was back after shooting this magnificent wedding, because calling it anything lesser would have been a crime.

Deepak & Shilpa // Wedding Film

A “party” at Guruvayur Temple

Weddings at Guruvayur are always fun to shoot – there is so much happening all at the same time that it gets crazy; and we loooove crazy 😉 The atmosphere is one-of-a-kind, with the mesmerizing smell of ghee lamps and incense, the cacophonous sounds of temple bells, people and street vendors, the riot of colors and the glitter of kasavu sarees. And, in the midst of it all, several couples get married all in a day! Sometimes you come to attend one wedding and end up blessing two or three!!

Well, we were there to shoot for Deepak and Shilpa ‘s wedding and here is their wedding film.

Enjoy in Full HD and Fullscreen with headsets on !!!

Crazy is the new love

An Imperfectly Perfect Wedding, A Blissful Blend of 2 Cultures, Yet another “2 States” – The Story of Dhruv & Preetha!

We can’t talk enough about this crazy duo. It was one hell of a ride with them. Since the moment Preetha and her mom walked in to our place, we knew this was the one wedding which you would really look forward to. Dhruv & Preetha had known each other for over 8 years. They were friends since high school, started dating and the rest is history.  It was a North-South cross cultural wedding in which they followed only one tradition –  Enjoy the wedding to its core. Both the families were very welcoming and treated us like one of theirs.

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Arjun & Aparna

Aparna , the ‘Ashalathu’ Ponnu weds Arjun , the ‘Chamathu’ Payyan

We thought this was a love marriage until they said it wasn’t; such a cute, sweet and beautiful couple! Well, we will let the film say the rest. Enjoy!

Watch in HD mode and with headsets on for a great experience

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Merlin & Sheeba

A beautiful church Christian wedding at All Souls church in Coimbatore.

Ever since Merlin Anto & Sheeba contacted us, we knew it’s gonna be something to look forward to. The wedding was planned in a cute church set in English style with an enchanting ambiance. Away from the drums, noise and the flashy colors, the things that I love most in Christian Weddings are the captivating silence, the enthralling moodlights and the subtleness of the ceremony.

Merlin Anto & Sheeba are both amazing personalities who found their perfect match in an arranged marriage. To say they were perfect for each other may be an understatement. They both are hardcore foodies.. ahem ahem.. (Why do you think me and Anju immediately clicked with them.. 😛 ) Loved to discover food joints and go hiking..

All in all – Wonderful church, Wonderful People, A Wonderful Wedding….

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The One I Love

The Wedding of Vivek & Shruthi sets a new beginning for a 6 year old love story that started in their college days. 

Ragesh & Sneha