A story is always there, inevitably. And it begins way before your wedding day. So as your big day progresses, we know that we are crafting a bigger story. Where each frame has to narrate a lot. And where one by one, they have to build the story in the same splendor as the day was. What we do is exactly the same – we create those dots that you can join, to unravel the tale of your big day.

For us, each photograph is a mix of emotion, mood and ambiance. When they trigger us, we capture what we believe is a good moment. And more often than not, these have turned out to be the moments that the couple had wished to be captured…

Of course, these don’t paint the whole picture. Here are more of our stories. Each of them unique, much like the inspiration behind every photograph that we take.

So what defines us? What’s our genre? Well, we don’t want tags, unless ‘original’ is a genre!


real people...real stories..

Ashish & Sansy

The serene backwaters. A church. And wedding. Everyone’s mind sets into a Gautham Menon frame, hearing these. So did ours. But that’s where weddings surprise, over and over again. Each one of them finds a way (or two) to stand out; to declare that “this one right here is unlike any that you’ve witnessed!”

Wedding Story

Dinesh & Shwiti

A Malayali bride, a Telugu groom and a Tamil city hosting their wedding – it was a cultural showdown as Dinesh & Shwiti relished their much awaited day. For their longstanding relationship, it was a fitting ode…

Wedding Story  Wedding Film

Harish & Janani

The riot of colours, the gleam of bling, the swag of elders – two days jampacked with all this and more! And at the helm of it all, a couple made for each other.

Wedding Story  Wedding Film

Prem & Rasmi

Love It all sounded like a romcom. Two childhood friends, estranged when families shifted to different cities, meeting at a party years later, budding of a long-distance relationship… The story had it all!

Wedding Story  Wedding Film

Arjun & Aparna

We thought this was a love marriage until they said it wasn’t; such a cute, sweet and beautiful couple! Aparna, the ‘Ashalathu’ Ponnu and Arjun , the ‘Chamathu’ Payyan, are so made for each other and we had a blast shooting their traditional Iyer wedding.

Wedding Story  Wedding Film

Deepak & Shilpa

Weddings at Guruvayur are always fun to shoot – there is so much happening all at the same time that it gets crazy; and we loooove crazy 😉 The atmosphere is one-of-a-kind, with the mesmerizing smell of ghee lamps and incense, the cacophonous sounds of temple bells, people and street vendors, the riot of colors and the glitter of kasavu sarees. And, in the midst of it all, several couples get married all in a day! Sometimes you come to attend one wedding and end up blessing two or three!!

Wedding Story  Wedding Film


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